Revolutionizing home health care, one patient, one visit, one document at a time.

Put patients over paperwork.

Nurse-led, Nurse-optimized software

Apricot was built with a singular goal: Make nurses’ lives easier.

This software was created under the direction of home health nurses, who informed, tested, and guided Apricot throughout its build.

This is how we know Apricot will transform the nursing experience: they told us so.

Meet the Founder

As the visionary founder of Apricot and a current operator of a large home health company in the Mid-Con region, Trent has always been driven to revolutionize home health care delivery. Confronted with the challenges of staffing shortages, nurse burnout, and the "Medicare Advantage Problem", he was inspired to develop Apricot. This innovative solution is crafted to empower nurses, the unsung heroes of healthcare, by dramatically reducing their administrative workload.

With Apricot, documentation time is cut down to just 15 minutes, enabling nurses to concentrate on what they excel at: providing outstanding care. Committed to elevating nurses to superstar status, resolving staffing dilemmas, and enhancing profitability, all while upholding the highest patient care standards, they have redefined efficiency and care in the home health sector.

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