Home health care documentation done in 15 minutes, flat.

Apricot is the fastest way to complete accurate, compliant OASIS and routine visit documentation, leveraging generative AI technology to do the heavy lifting so your team of home health Nurses can focus on patient care.

Created for home health Nurses who are passionate about their patients, not paperwork.

I can tell this was designed for nurses. It’s like Apricot read my mind and gave me exactly what I need.


Home Health Nurse

This is a gamechanger. Apricot reminded me why I got into nursing to begin with. I love my job again.


Home Health Nurse

I refuse to work anywhere that isn’t using Apricot any more!


Home Health Nurse

Apricot allows you to take on more patients with the same (just happier) staff.

Say ‘yes’ to more patients and grow your business

Drastically increase margins and boost profit per patient
Increase patient volume — Nurses will have the time to see more patients
Accept Medicare Advantage patients without sacrificing profit
Gain massive competitive advantage by saying “yes” to more referrals

Give Nurses the experience they deserve for the job they love

Make Nurses happier, sparing them from long documentation hours
Recruit and retain the best Nurses who want to work with cutting-edge tech
Patients come first with a renewed focus on care, not documentation

Improve patient care

Get better patient outcomes thanks to more accurate patient documentation
Automated process powered by AI reduces the opportunity for human error

Apricot revolutionizes how Nurses document:


Uploads all referral documentation into Apricot

Step 1

Ingests documentation, creates patient record, and prepares pre-visit highlights for the Nurse


Completes visit, then begins the Apricot post-visit assessment interview (< 15 minutes)

Step 2

Analyzes Nurse-provided information and all other patient data to complete documentation*

* Under the supervision of the visiting clinician.


Step 3

Reviews and approves documentation, then submits back into their agency’s internal workflow

Stores all patient information and documentation in a safe environment for posterity